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Steel-O-Plast Airtight Container, 400ml

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Description –

  • Steel-O-Plast CONTAINERS are ideal for carrying your food to the workplace, school, college etc. Each item comes with 400ml , 13x13x7 cm  size containers, high grade stainless mirror polished Containers with airtight stainless plastic lids.
  • Made from 100 percent Food Grade and BPA Free certified SS 204 (CU) Jindal steel coils which contain 50% more copper thus is corrosion resistant and food safe.
  • Container will not crack, break or rust easily. 1 year warranty for any manufacturing defect.
  • This air tight lid is free from BPA (Biphenyl A)- which causes health hazards when it comes in contact with food and liquids Ensuring a healthier lifestyle using Biphenyl A free Products
  • Featuring a unique All Steel seal Lock-n-Lock type lid, these containers are both air-tight and liquid-tight and retain the flavor of your food while preventing nasty spills and toxic elements.
  • Using the Stee-O-Plast storage containers, you can carry all types of food including curries, rice, sabzi preparations, cut vegetables and fruits and more.
  • Steel-O-Plast  CONTAINER which is Easy Locking, Leak proof, Air - tight and Stackable.
  • The plastic clip lock has a unique design which is high tensile and unbreakable.
  • Easy plastic clips are soft to open and smooth to close even for small kid.
  • It is easy to carry any kind of food or liquids.
  • It shall maintain the nutrients of food for longer hours due to no contact of BPA containing plastics.
  • Made of the highest-quality stainless steel, your healthy lunch will arrive at its destination safe and sound. It's an ideal choice for kids lunch box.
  • Air Tight Seal: The Steel-O-Plast Containers have an airtight seal that completely locks the Crisp and flavour of the contents you put in and does not lose moisture The taste and nutritive value of the contents remains intact for a long time making the containers very appropriate .
  • Stackable: You can stack the containers one over the other. Space saving canisters, Helps you to organize your kitchen or lunch box.
  • Easy to open lid: The Containers have a swift and easy to operate lid with clamp fitment.
  • The clamps are detachable and unbreakable.
  • This has more value than ordinary steel and shall not rust, crack or break .
  • The superior polish makes these containers stand apart.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Refrigerator safe.
  • Electric Steamer safe. (Without lid)


  • An Innovative and Premium upgrade to the regular Steel Lunch Box (Award winning Best product design). Featuring a unique All plasstic seal Lock-n-Lock type lid
  • 100% Leak-Proof- & Airtight . Easy Locking, and Stackable.
  • Detachable and unbreakable clamps.
  • Jindal S.S. 204 (CU) Certified food grade Stainless steel with superior mirror polish. 50% MORE COPPER QUALITIES THAN ORDINARY STEEL.
  • Comes with a Silicone ring inside for perfect air tight fitment.
  • 1 year Warranty.

 Ideal For

  • ideal for side salads, rice, dal, roti, sabzi, No plastic touches your food. curries, rice, sabzi preparations, cut vegetables and fruits and more.
  • storing rice, dal, sabzi, vegetable, fruits, nashta, sandwich, snacks, vegetables, dry food, pulses, tiffin items, lunch box and office lunch box recipes.
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