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Pdd Falcon Steel Storage Canister Black 1pc - 650ml

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Features & details

  • PddFalcon apple containers are made of high grade stainless steel material which are absolutely rust free and crack free. 
  • Each container is checked for lid fitment and goes through quality checks.
  • The containers have easy to operate lids; ideal for dry food, pulses, spices. The airtight lids keep the contents fresh and free from moisture.
  • The containers can be stacked one over the other; space saving canisters help in organizing your kitchen.
  • Containers can even fit one inside another when not in use.
  • Very easy to clean till bottom. Good fit.

Description –

  • PDDFALCON modular containers to suit your requirements for storing spices, tea, sugar, coffee, snacks, rice, pulses, flour, grains, and other dry storage items. Ideal for food prep by keeping your chutneys, aachar, pulses, biscuits fresh for long helping food organization in the kitchen.These containers have large mouths designed for your hands to comfortably fit in for easier access to contents. Our containers are made of high grade stainless steel material which are absolutely rust free and crack free. There is a Superior mirror polish inside out. Each container is checked for fitment.
  • Steel is very safe which makes these steel kitchen storage containers non-toxic, BPA Free and Compliant as per international norms, and 100% Recyclable to ensure that your containers don't harm the environment once disposed of. Their stackable nature allows space saving and also for them to store and organize food in freezers. Additionally, they can be washed conveniently in dishwashers or hand-washed with non-abrasive scrubbers.
  • When not in use they easily fit on inside another thus saving a lot of kitchen space. Your kitchen will look highly organized. Cleaning and handling these containers is very easy.Even if they fall or slip the content will not easily spill due to good fit.You are assured that even if kids take food from these there will be no breakage and no mess. PddPalcon kitchen storage container and jar is your best friend for kitchen organization!
  • All PddFalcon products go through strict 5 level quality checks so we assure NO DENT , NO CRACK, NO SKID , NO RUST IN ANY OF OUR STEEL PRODUCTS. ALL STEEL ITEMS COME UNDER 1 YEAR WARRANTY.

 Ideal for

  • dry pasta , dry snacks, spices, pulses, dry fruits, rice ,dals,aata, grains, flour, snacks, biscuits , tea, coffee, sugar any dry items.
  • Refrigerator safe. Dishwasher safe . Can be sterilized.
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