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PddFalcon suction bowl With Spoon, Purple, 150ml Each

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  • Product Dimensions in cm –
  • Product Weight in gm –
  • Product capacity in ml – 150ml Each Bowl
  • Material used – Stainless Steel Food Grade SS 304

Comes With

  • 2 Stainless Steel bowls  (150 ml Capacity), each with airtight lid
  • 1 Mickey spoon
  • Available in Multicolor


  • Made of non-toxic, BPA free, food grade stainless steel
  • Complies standards of Safety & Hygiene
  • Stainless steel bowl helps to lock in the nutrition so that you serve the best to your baby
  • reducing spills and accidents during feeding time
  • Sized perfectly so that you can provide wholesome meals to your baby
  • Air-tight lid to keep food contents intact without letting them spill over even when the bowl is kept slanted or at odd angles in the bag
  • Perfectly fitted cap to shield the food from dust, humidity and other harmful external conditions
  • Multi-functional design for ease of use - the bowl can be filled with any nutritious food like porridge, mashed vegetables or rice


  • PddFalcon Bowl & spoon set is perfectly sized for your kids little meals and beyond. When using the lid it is perfect for on-the-go dining. They have deep scooped sides for easy feeding.The bowl features an ergonomic shaped base which enables the bowl to be held with one hand allowing the other hand.The bowl comes complete with a tight fitting lid, flexi tip spoon and hygienic spoon cover all in one neat set.The set has a slim design for easy storage in the cupboard or change bag.
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